SEO success with relevant keywords

An alternative to total sales as the basis for a baseline is accumulated search volume of relevant keywords. Just the search volumes of keywords taken together over the last few months. This creates a graph that brings the search intentions of users in concrete numbers – i.e. quantifiable makes. It is important that you look at the entire pool keyword.

The larger the pool, the better, because so outliers influence the overall result less. You can come easiest to accumulated search volume:

• Enter the complete keyword pool in the keyword tool from Google Adwords. Take care that the match type is set to “exact”. The column “Local Search Trends” list.

• Export the data and add up the volumes of the individual keyword months. The monthly values in a line graph to visualize and you get its seasonal search baseline.
The advantages of this method:
• It is robust to an increasing interest in the market that was initiated from the outside. It is conceivable, for example, that the marketing campaign of a competitor also lead to an increased interest in our products. These effects often occur only after a delay, however, would have reflected in the users’ queries.
• SEO is an intentional channel ,so it should seasonal interest on the basis of active demand to be measured. This is expressed most clearly in the users’ queries, not in the actual sales achieved.
• Google puts the numbers an incredibly large database based, so we can exclude developments within the company.

Who has a very large pool of keywords can also simply reflect the data directly from the AdWords API. A good tool for this is found in SEOGadget. The thus completed seasonal Search history can then be compared with the SEO successes. If both lines show a similar trend, which is not a particularly good sign.

Apparently the SEO measures have not helped that we have the revenues that were expected anyway, increased significantly. Of course, this model also has its limits. Many argue that you can have the comparison even easier than the previous year’s figures of SEO sales.

The account does not mean that the overall market may have outperformed. In other words, an increase of +10% in sales appears, when the overall market by +20% in one fell swoop with little success.

Did we achieve our business objectives with SEO

To clarify one thing right at first: What is success and what is not is debated passionately. Why should it be different in the search engine optimization? In my view, there is only one thing, which is relevant as a measure of success: Did we achieve our business objectives with SEO? For this post, I will assume that revenues are our primary objective.

So we come to the basic problem: Have you the SEO measures that to lead to a positive effect? A look at history shows the following problem. Who is surprised that the SEO attract sales this holiday season, and then go back again in January. This use is at least for companies that sell products suitable for Christmas. Nevertheless, what if that is the plot of a B2B site? Usually even the site operators have no clear idea of the seasonality of your business.

“For the holiday season it is been mostly uphill and the summer is often stronger,” we often hear about. How much better the deal on Christmas runs but there is little information available about it. Sure, it is then difficult to assess whether the SEO measures have brought something or not.

Seasonal baseline

An obvious idea is to visualize the course of business in a graph so that it can be compared with the SEO sales. This trend line therefore represents not absolute values, but merely to show how the business develops relative. So you can quickly see if the revenue from the search engine optimization develop remarkably different. As a basis for this baseline for the business success, you could use the full sales figures from the past 12 months.

Have the SEO sales then a similar course, one can assume that the money was blown for SEO without effects. However, has two problems: Cross-channel effects are not considered? For example, a new off-line store will be opened, which has contributed significantly to total sales, the total sales, as a baseline for the online business is worthless.

Additionally, the development of its own sales market also run counter completely. What if the market actually has a negative trend, the company has won well and retracted good sales?

Facebook fan page to get more visitors

At starting a new web project, the most frequently asked question is how quickly I can get many visitors. “Good things take time.” Facebook is a good way for more visitors. In today’s example, I want to tell you how to get through a Facebook page your visitors can drive up. First, let me tell here that Facebook is similar to what Google always changing, so you have at Facebook always be on the ball. First, you have to of course; you create a Facebook fan page.

Therefore, now you have posted one /or two/ interesting articles because, your fan page also needs some fans. Initially, of course, you can invite one or two friends, which are interested in your web project but then what? Begin now not buy you fans with some strange services, those that are not interested in any way to your site content and therefore, they are worthless fans. A good but unfortunately there is no free version to place an advertisement on Facebook.

These advertisements are not too cheap but now are very effective. Of course, there are detailed instructions on how to create a good Facebook ad. Then run your ad and win the first fans. Now, next to the post, it is very important you to present your user animated, as and to share its comment. With Facebook, it is the thing that fan sites considered as very interesting for the user. You can animate it to a naturally through good content or sometimes by one or another small lottery. The more fans on your page you have, the more you will realize your statistics.

In this way, even on days, which have not new products, you will have much visitors from Facebook. I hope my guide could help you a little bit and I would be happy if this is so. Most importantly, of course, it is perseverance. If you regularly pay attention to your Facebook page, it will surely lead to success.